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Dr. Kathleen Lynn

Kathleen Lynn was born in Mulafarry, Killala, Co. Mayo in 1874.

In the 1916 Rising she was Chief Medical Officer in the City Hall garrison, but when the Officer Commanding was shot, she, as next highest-ranking officer, took over the garrison. She was elected to the Sinn Féin Executive in 1917. Active in the War of Independence, she was arrested in 1918 but was released to assist with the Flu Epedemic.

Lynn received her medical degree in 1899 and throughout her life she balanced a medical career with her political activism. Elected to the Dáil, but having opposed the Treaty of 1921, she did not take her seat. She remained as a member of Rathmines Urban District Council until 1930.

Kathleen Lynn died in Ballsbridge, Dublin on the 14th September, 1955 and is buried in Deansgrange Cemetery, Dublin.